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The struggles of Fubuki by DunkleMaterie
The struggles of Fubuki
This is from the Manga "One Punch Man"
a short throw together from the newest Chapter,
featuring all the cute and sad moments of 'Miss Blizzard', aka Fubuki.

I have mixed feelings about her. She attempted murder, tried to slice someones neck with a carpet cutter and ordered her subordinated to beat someone to a cripple so that he may never "work as a hero again".

Yet this enormous depressive moments of her make me pity and feel for her.
Is it because she is pretty, cute or a woman? Or because she is struggling so hard even tough she has Telekinesis?
The last pannel was her focussing her power to crush a shitload of dangerous spiders
that could mutate a human by biting them and turning them into one of those crazy abominations,
which lurk the world of "One Punch Man" so much. ^^

Fubuki is close on the road to become a Villain.
But thanks to Saitamas spiritual support she may end up a proper Heroine.
AND KING RULED as usual! :XD: :clap:

If you do not know One Punch Man, get to know it. Its a brilliant comedy with Superpowers. ^-^
My reaction to a certain picture
Should I ever be asked to put this down, of course I will do so.
This is not my own artworks it my reaction to the art of this artist from Pixiv. B-)…

She reminded me of Gogo from Kill Bill 2.
A reason to watch this movie called "Kingsman" I guess.
The character is named 'Gazelle' as far as I know.
Goodbye Rajak/Lazark by DunkleMaterie
Goodbye Rajak/Lazark
Do not get me wrong. I liked Rajak/Lazark very much I think he was a cool character.
But Noblesse suffers from an annoying lack of seriousness in the story and biased writing from its creators.

Im one of this people who think of opposing factions ("evil factor" does not matter)
as simply more as just highly detailed pushovers for cheap impact and a flat powershow.

Noblesse was going in the direction of a Disneymovie I think where the good guys win in the end and everyone runs into the sunset, holding hands and surrounded by butterflys on a warm meadow.
And I think its STILL going in this direction cause just one realistic aspect is not enough to convince me.

The story is going for years now with this cheap cliffhangers we are always put in and then the situation is resolved like as if the storywriters are trolling us. ;)

Truly Rajak/Lazark was the best character. Even in death he served the highest purpose.
He put Noblesse to glory that it never had before.

In honor of his death. Sad thing he died sparkling... ^^; :XD: as well.

Bla bla Noblesse is not mine, no profit or stuff intended yada yada, have nice day kkthxbyebye. :)
Conspiracytheorist by DunkleMaterie
" Eeeh so I think what the Media is telling us... "
" . . . . . . . . " ( °thinking to himself° Ey just how dumb are they actually? )

Helpless in the face of idiocy? ... or of people living in denial.
Who needs Sayans? by DunkleMaterie
Who needs Sayans?
Tien becomming partially enlighted and a "God" all by himself, modelled after the new "Blue State" from Goku. ( who is Vegeta? :XD: )

Blue is my favourite color and I won't let "the Yellow glowing Hairs" hog this color as well. Not without protest. ;)

So here I drew Tien reaching the Godstate all by himself without being a Sayan or being lifted up by some others around him.
He could pull it off. He is the true best fighter in the Universe and strenght is not everything.
In the story Tien once said " Thanks to Goku I could find the motivation to become the fighter I am today. "

Yeah but its just the motivation, not the Skill. In Terms of Skill he is superior to everyone else.
He mastered Techniques Goku couldnt and just didnt got the Kaioken or Genkidama because the creator of Dragonball (and we all know it)
just deemed it unnecessary since he wanted to focus entirely on the Supersayan state and turned everyone into Rubbish who couldnt become one.

Dragonballs greatest mistake if you ask me. To not give the old Z-Fighters at least all the good Techniques, like the Kaioken or the Genkidama. Or even the Fusiondance!
It robbed much potential and depth from the Story and it was just a waste of quality for the whole series.

I did not created the base for this picture, I think this here is the Original:…


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