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AFA-SG 2015 by KiraHokuten

Never wrote a critique but I want to do so at least once, since I am a Fan of RWBY and cherish the series very much. My thanks you have...



Bonfire and spear wielding... Women by DunkleMaterie
Bonfire and spear wielding... Women
A fanwork I decided to create out of sheer and utter boredom cause the friend I wanted to play Darksouls 3 with, has a problem with his PC still in another country and it takes ages for it to get delievered to where he lives now. Yeah the world is not an easy place. " Message: Sigh "

I have *NOT* drawn this two characters, I cannot draw and suck at learning it: What I can is modifying pictures to some extend via Paint and other programs like Fotoflexer. ;)
The original characters come from this two artists… Calabolg (the undead Woman)… ColdDamage, Mytha the Baneful Queen

*ALSO* as you may notice in my version Mythas head is still connected, in the game she fights while being decapitated beforehand but yeah... she is still kinda alive. ^^;
Dont even mention that lack in Information as to how that is even possible, cause it outclasses even what "UNDEAD" can do or how she even became this Naga/Lamia stylish being.

I like Nagas/Lamias I think they are beautiful and elegant creatures. It overjoyed me to have Mytha in the game, alltough it pissed me off that she was just another Boss.
Some ingame text suggested she was not a mindless Monster, the Desert Sorceresses still served her, as well as the (as well) Headless Puppet Soldiers in her castle.
Yeah like " Oh you are headless too, this is so cool! " ^^
Well where was I ?

Storytime :XD:
° So the two Women who got struck with different curses travelled the world in search for the Man they love. °
° But the world was cruel as every player created only a female chara...- eh the world was swarming with badass women who dont need a Man to protect them. °
° Still they wanted to share an erotic embrace full of masculine and testosterone, that could not be given by another woman sadly. "
° Will those two poor Souls ever reach a happy ending or break under the torture and become Yuri-sisters in forbidden, passionable love? ° :lol:

All hail Darksouls 3. ^^
White Walker Demotivitional by DunkleMaterie
White Walker Demotivitional
" Oh come on! " " We are cultural enrichment for you! " " You aren't a Racist right? "

Man I would trade the White Walkers with the Rapefugees and medieval type of Moslem anytime. The White Walkers are cool at least.
Fortress Europe rise up fast. Too many paralells to our real world even when you watch a Movie. Crazy times we live in.
Who needs Hitler to become a Nationalist when one got "Eurasians" as a Westeuropean?
Path into the Sky by DunkleMaterie
Path into the Sky
A photo made from a Tree in the environment in which I live in. B-)

In Fall 2015 and forgotten until now, just to be uploaded, unspectacularly and without any event at all.
Any event? Actually there is something.

When I was a kid I enjoyed the Donkey Kong game series and the "Stickerbush" world. =)
So this photo was made with this idea in mind. Alltough a true Stickerbush "real world" picture would be hell to make. ;)
That artwork would be so epic it would probably blow peoples mind.

The world in the game:…
Just the music:…
AFA-SG 2015 by KiraHokuten
Never wrote a critique but I want to do so at least once, since I am a Fan of RWBY and cherish the series very much. My thanks you have Monty, may you rest in Peace or party hard in Heaven.

As for the Artwork! B-)

You are undoubtly beautiful and I have yet to find something on your Cosplay that could be made even better. But its very precise in detail. Even the Rapier, wow.
The skirt looks has obviously not as many frills underneath but that gives your Weiss look a more realistic, less animated touch so I am not sure if that can be seen as something distanced from perfection.

Nah I just write all this because of your pretty face. ;)
Where is the bitchyness? :XD: Weiss could gaze at something so concentrated yes bu~t ... this pose is so "nice and powerful". ;D
Weiss's natural cockyness is kinda missing in your gestur.
And yeah your facial expression does not show any underestimation of your target. You look like your guard is up 100%.

Weiss would look a little more haughty and overconfident I had think. B-)


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Hmmmmm, ok - now this is what happened in the meanwhile

^ im a bit of a airhead but I hope all the characters tagged under Heaven System are correct.
Your idea should become a manga or anime. ;)
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